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Measure the height of any object with iHeight.

Simply point your iPod (or iPhone) at the object you want to measure, and iHeight will tell you how tall it is.

Imagine you are about to climb a big tree and you want to know how tall it is. iHeight is the solution! Simply enter the distance you are standing from the tree, point your iPod at the top of the tree and iHeight will tell you how tall it is as if it were magic!

Want to know how high your model rocket goes? iHeight will tell you. Enter the distance between you and the launch pad. Aim your iPod at the rocket as it blasts away. iHeight will tell you how high it goes!

Houses, tall buildings, bridges, radio towers, statues, doorways, and more. Measure them all with iHeight!

Does it really work? YES! iHeight uses a complex mathematical formula to calculate height. A special page is included with the app which explains the equation.

Use whatever unit of measurement you prefer: feet, meters, inches, miles, yards, hands, cubits, klicks, fathoms or light-years... iHeight does them all (up to 99,999 units).

iHeight is not an altimeter, you can measure the height of any object from right where you are standing! Just point and click!

Preview and instruction video at: http://tinyurl.com/iheight1